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NHance Photography is a Dallas/Fort Worth Based Newborn Baby and Child Photography Studio. It is with great honor that we serve the families of the greater DFW area.

2015 Year in Review

Here it is... my 2015 year in review. I had 46 births. Tied with 23 girls and 23 boys. I had 6 repeat clients and 2 threepeats. 19 water births, 12 birth center, 15 home births, 13 hospital. There was one redeeming adoption (they were one of my angel baby births last year), 3 vbac, 1 vba3c, 3 cesareans. 

Some personal highlights: I had a baby come during a snow storm, one during an ice storm that I drove to another state for, a grandfather contacted me and hired me for his daughters birth as a gift, I assisted a birth (assisted the midwife), one of my repeats was not only in this years review, but also last years... opened a brand new studio, launched Birth Unscripted and partnered with my partner in crime, Amanda Gipson with the studio. It's been quite a year. 

I've always said I love middle of the night births (aside from the sleep deprivation), because they feel so intimate and it's like the entire world is sleeping while this little (big) miracle happens. Families often pray out loud, worship music is in the background, and it's probably the closest to God you can ever feel while you see families working together while this new life is being born. Sometimes I also witness not just first breaths, but last breaths. Birth is divine.. and I look forward to all the little miracles this year. 

Thank you for making 2015 so amazing. Grab a tissue and enjoy...